About The Identity Called ‘Me’

about mindfulnessquest
About MindfulnessQuest

Hi! My name is Jagjot Singh, and I’m a devoted Mindfulness and Meditation practitioner. I’m from New Delhi, India, and I have been practicing meditation for the past few years.

My vision is to share the knowledge and insights I have gained over all these years with people who are still struggling in life and want to experience real happiness and freedom.

MindfulnessQuest aims to explore the possibility of raising collective human consciousness. Here we talk about mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, and other tools that help us experience inner peace and live a blissful life.

A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. We do everything to keep our body fit, from eating healthy diets to doing high-intensity workouts, but we lack behind when it comes to exercising our minds. Our mind is the most complex and confusing part of the puzzle we call life.

A clear understanding of the mind along with its disposition, propensities, nuisances, and subtle nuances is essential for self-awareness and healing. Self-awareness followed by self-realization is our ultimate goal. We are not the limited mind-body complex we imagine ourselves to be.

There is a pure-unchanging-eternal-shinning awareness beyond the mind that is our true essence. It is not the knowledge of the senses, but a realization of a different kind, which comes about only when the mind becomes silent.

My journey began with mindful awareness, which I accidentally discovered while meditating. At that time, I had no idea about mindfulness. This awareness was extremely calming. There were no thoughts—just pure awareness or emptiness.

Mindfulness has its roots in the ancient Buddhist traditions. It’s not a new concept. It is something people have been practicing for ages. The best thing is that all of this is not some abstract theory or philosophy, it can be verified through direct experience.

What Led to My Spiritual Awakening

Let me make it clear that “I’M NOT A GURU” and neither do I intend to become one. Nor do I consider myself an enlightened person. The concept of enlightenment according to me is grossly misunderstood by most people.

The enlightened people very well aware of the fact that they are the prisoners of their own body, but at the same time, this knowledge does not cause them to suffer this limitation.

On the contrary, this limitation of the physical body does not stop them from experiencing the unlimited and the infinite. They come across as the most uninteresting, and are believed to be the most useless by the majority of people.

I’m just a regular guy, like you, who likes to share his own experiences and insights in order to help others.

It all started when i finished high school. I was given the idea that the only way to live a good life is to compete and crush people around you (survival of the fittest) and acquire positions of high prestige and honor.

And therefore, I competed and studied hard and got selected in an Engineering Institute. I slogged and slogged and finally i was able to pass my college with a Computer Science Engineering degree.

After that, I spend a little over a decade working inside a cubical, staring at a screen. I used to work more than 12 hours everyday, drinks 8 cups of coffee, sometime work overnight, consume absolutely horrible junk food, and took s&%t from my bosses.

Overtime, I gained over 50 pounds of weight, started experiencing inflammation in my joints, lower back pain, tension headaches, wrist pain, pain in fingers, and much more.

I got depressed and started looking like this (image below).

gaining weight
That’s me 50 pounds overweight

By this time, I was married and had two lovely kids.

One day while at work, I got the news that my father passed away due a heart attack. Not only that, he had also left a huge debt on our head because some of his investments had gone bad.

After about six months of my dad passing away, I was fired from my job. The only source of income I had to support my family was gone (considering the fact that at time my wife was not earning and I was the sole earning member in the family).

At this time, I was in the lowest phase of my life. I was unemployed, suffering from health issues, and had a huge debt that was to be paid off. I was so depressed that I didn’t even feel like applying for more jobs. I didn’t feel like doing anything.

I started questioning meaning of life, death and existence. I started believing that life is hell, and that somehow, I deserved to be punished. The negative self talk within my mind starting growing louder and louder.

I became so bitter that my own family was scared to approach me. I was always looking for an excuse to blame someone for my miserable condition. I could not see that the darkness was no where else but only within me.

The best thing about life is that it always gives you a ray of hope when there is total darkness. You just have to grab that opportunity and embrace the unconditional and unlimited love that the universe emanates.

I was also shown a tiny ray of hope. A chance to work on myself and come out of the darkness. It started with one thought and that was “Who is one that suffers“.

I started reading ancient eastern philosophical texts like Advaita Vedanta and Mandukya Upanishad. Although I don’t like reading scriptures, but some of these were extraordinary books that helped me to structure my thinking.

I started acquiring more knowledge about the techniques of self-inquiry and self-awareness. That’s when I came across mindfulness meditation. It was very hard initially, but slowly and steadily, I started developing better focus and concentration power.

Meditation very clearly showed me the mirror of what I had become. I could see all of my troubling thoughts and emotions. I could see how I behaved with others and I could even hear myself talking negative all the time.

Within a couple of months I could feel the benefits to my physical body. My cravings for sugary food was gone. I was sleeping better, and as a result, I felt more activated though-out the day. My work productivity starting skyrocketing, and even my relationships with friends and family started improving.

My children started enjoying my company and I started devoting more and more time to them. My bonding with my wife grew stronger and I had regained that lost trust.

My ego was subdued and perceptions about life and existence completely changed. My fears started disappearing and I was completed new man. I didn’t care about what other people think of me or my work.

Now that my stress and anxiety were gone, I took up a challenge to make myself physically fit. I was grossly overweight and had to do something about my body.

I changed my diet completely and started eating food mindfully. I developed a routine to workout everyday switching between high intensity training and slow cardio.

Whatever I did – I did it mindfully, without rushing into anything. My goal was to sustain this type of lifestyle forever. It took me about 2 years to get in shape but I never regained weight again.

Here’s the proof (image below)

jagjot singh weight loss 1
jagjot singh weight loss 2

Shedding all those extra pounds gave a tremendous boost to my self confidence and I started believing in myself.

A Sign From the Universe

I was physically fit now and my financial position had also improved, but still there was something missing. I WAS NOT HAPPY and that darkness was still inside of me.


One day after a meditation session I got an insight (or call it an intuition) that I need to be in service of humanity, and that I should have faith in the universe and render my services unconditionally.

That’s when the idea of starting MindfulnessQuest struck me. I wanted my voice to be heard and blogging was one of the ways to do that. Before this I had never written anything in my life.

My earlier attempts of writing for blogs had always failed because I could never sustain long term interest. But this one was different because this was my calling and I had to answer the call.

A major realization I had over the course of past 5 years was that you can never be really happy if you just think about yourself. And even if you somehow do achieve your goals, you won’t be truly happy unless and until your actions are intended and directed towards welfare of others.

I realized that I had always focussed on ‘my life’ and ‘my needs’. It was all about me. My ego had become so big that I had lost all objective reasoning capability.

A human is not even a size of spec of sand as compared to the size of this vast universe, yet we keep humongous egos. Ego is not your enemy but it ain’t a friend either.

My aim in life is to help others to raise their consciousness. I firmly believe that the only way to change the world and make it a better place is through RAISING HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS. Otherwise, we are just lurking in the darkness.

If you enjoy reading content on this blog, find solace in my work; please support my work and help me to continue running MindfulnessQuest.

Reach Out to Me

If you have any questions about mindfulness, spirituality, or meditation, or even if you want to discuss a personal issue, please feel free to contact me. I’m not on any other social media platform, except YouTube, because I value a quieter and reclusive life.