Are The Chakras Real? Is There Any Scientific Proof of Chakras?

When I started learning about chakras, I was quite skeptical, to be honest. Being from a science and technology background, I never imagined myself to be in this space of mindfulness and spiritual development. But it happened?

I knew from the very beginning that chakras are not a part of the physical body. Hence, there is no evidence of the physical existence of chakras. There are no credible scientific studies or imaging techniques that show chakras in the physical body.

There is no evidence of the life-force energy or prana that flows within the body, hitting chakras at various locations. Although some people have demonstrated the accumulation of heat in the body through imaging techniques, if you ask me, I’m not convinced that it has got anything to do with the chakras.

So is it all pseudoscience? What element of truth does it have? And why should we believe in the chakras?

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Is There Any Scientific Proof of Chakras?

Before I answer the above questions, let’s talk a little about reality. How do you define reality? If you say that things that can be perceived by senses like touch, taste, smell, hear, and sight are real, I would ask you who the consumer of these sensations is?

For example, when you see a beautiful flower and smell its fragrance, you experience pleasant sensations. But who is the consumer? If you say ‘I am’, I’ll ask, ‘Where exactly are you? And where exactly do you consume the experience? In the brain?’.

We know the mechanism of sight. When we see a beautiful object, it’s the light from the sun that hits the object, gets refracted through the cornea onto the lens, an inverted image is formed at the retina, the image travels as impulses along the optic nerve, and it enters the occipital lobe which is at the backside of the head.

But we have no clue as to what happens beyond that. The physical processes end at that point.

My point is – if there is an experience, there has to be an “experiencer” or the consumer of the experience. If there is an object, there has to be a subject. The object cannot exist without the subject.

If there is light, there has to be an object that gets illuminated by the light and a source that produces the light. There can be no experience of light without the object or the source.

Quantum mechanics shows that Newtonian physics does not hold ground when we observe things at the quantum scale. At the lowest levels within an atom, we have quarks that are held together by massless gluons. Yet, even these tiny particles have a mass. That means there exists another layer of reality we are not yet familiar with.

Whatever we see is always composed of relatively smaller components. We can never experience the objective reality in terms of the absolute components beyond which there are no further subdivisions. 

The chakras concept originated in early Vedic and Buddhist scriptures, where the chakras are a part of another dimension of existence that is oblivious to modern science. It is known as the subtle body.

It cannot be detected directly through scientific processes because it is “non-material”, just like gravity. We can study the effects of gravity on other objects, but we can never know what this force is. 

Similarly, we can study the psychosomatic effects of chakras, but we cannot see them physically or know how they come into existence. As of now, there is no scientific proof of the presence of the chakras.

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The New Age Chakra BS

I might get a lot of flak for speaking on this topic, but I’ll take my chances. There’s a lot of misinformation around chakras and energy healing. What I see happening with spirituality is that people with commercial interests are commoditizing it.

Many unsuspecting and vulnerable people get manipulated and abused by these so-called ‘new age gurus’ into believing that there are shortcuts to self-development and spiritual awakening.

The concept of chakras is merely an idea to heal aspects of ourselves and help attain freedom from the tranny of mind. We should view it from a spiritual perspective. There is no physical reality to chakras. There are no fixed chakra locations.

In Hindu scriptures, there are seven chakras. In Tibetan culture, there are four chakras. Whereas, in the Buddhist culture, there are nine chakras. Some also believe that there are infinite energy points within the subtle body. And they are all right.

The processes of the subtle body are subjective. They are unique to each individual. Each of us will have different experiences felt at various locations in the physical body. For example, kundalini (life-force energy) rising is traumatic for some people and pleasurable for others.

The heart chakra location is near the heart region, but its precise location will differ for different people. People will have varying experiences of chakra opening. However, these variations are subtle.

No matter how many crystals or essential oils you apply, you’ll never be able to open your heart chakra without cultivating real self-compassion and forgiveness.

Visualization exercises and other things like stones, crystals, and essential oils help create a relaxed environment, but they alone will not help open the chakras. They are just there to create a pleasant sensation and a conducive atmosphere for practicing meditation.

In my experience, there are only four ways of removing blockages and opening the chakras. They are:

  • Practicing mindfulness & meditation
  • Self-reflection
  • Contemplation, and
  • Making behavioral changes (physically & psychologically)

You don’t have to spend a massive amount of money to do the activities mentioned above. There is no need to attend expensive retreats or buy costly accessories. Most of the information is freely available all over the internet.

Still, if you feel that you need help with meditation or understand different techniques in deep, you can check out my eBook – The Ultimate Meditation Guide.

None of the articles on this website talk about the supernatural or superstitious stuff about chakra healing. All the information is practical and based on science.

And for things that science cannot explain – I say that you give it a try and verify it with your own experience. All the benefits of meditation that I talk about in my eBook are based on scientific studies with explicit references.

I do not believe in touch or tantra techniques to heal the chakras. Nor do I endorse any such methods. I’m extremely sensitive about this topic because I come from a place where a lot of quackery has been taking place in the name of religion and spirituality.

Chakras influence physical health but not directly. And working on chakra healing will help you with that. But if you have a chronic health condition, please visit a certified medical professional. Don’t try to meditate with a painful headache or backache.

I’ll give you my example. I used to experience a lot of lower back pain. It used to be extremely debilitating. Therefore, sitting in meditation for long periods was not possible at that time. Had I forced myself, I would have permanently injured some part.

My back pain used to heal but come back after a few months. In addition to medical help, I worked on my lower chakras (root chakra & sacral chakra in particular), practiced yoga exercises, deep breathing, and other relaxation techniques to get rid of the pain. I do get occasional soreness sometimes, but nothing severe.

Healing the chakras has many benefits, such as increased self-awareness, personal growth, authenticity, security, confidence, spiritual growth, and more. But don’t create superstitions.

Chakras cannot make you rich instantly. Neither can they heal chronic diseases, or cure depression overnight. They help indirectly by regulating the flow of subtle energies that motivates you to work on yourself. They give you the mental strength to heal your ailments or achieve your goals in life.

If you work on your chakras, you can heal the painful aspects of your life. But it is serious work, and it will take time and effort. Don’t fall prey to charlatans who offer quick solutions.

Final Thoughts

If you talk about reality in the worldly sense, the chakras are not real. But when you open up to the fact that every reality has another dimension to it, which is beyond the ordinary human perception, you will realize that there is a lot more to the chakras that we understand.

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