Try Yoga Nidra: The Deep Relaxation Technique

Yoga Nidra is a conscious sleep-based meditation technique that induces deep relaxation and offers a plentitude of benefits to the human mind and body. The Sanskrit world ‘Nidra’ means to sleep, and therefore, it is also known as the yogic sleep, or psychic sleep.


How to Build Emotional Resilience?

Life is not so hard as we believe it to be. Life appears to be hard because our mind is juggling between multiple thoughts and emotions simultaneously, and we don’t realize how much of an impact this has on our daily life.


Do You Work to Live or Live to Work?

Should we work to live or live to work? This is an important thought provoking question that many people avoid to answer. It’s a fact that life today is full of high expectations and cut throat competition, but does that justify sacrificing our personal time for the sake of work? Let’s find out.


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