What Happens When the Heart Chakra Opens?

When the heart chakra opens, we experience a surge of the subtle life-force energy (or prana) moving in and out of the heart. It creates a feeling of immense joy, compassion, and bliss. We experience unconditional love for all things and realize the interconnected nature of life.


10 Best Herbs For Wellness

Nature is very kind. It has given us some of the most exotic herbs with amazing health benefits. I myself regularly consume some of these popular herbs, and I confidently vouch for the health benefits they offer.


Try Yoga Nidra: The Deep Relaxation Technique

Yoga Nidra is a conscious sleep-based meditation technique that induces deep relaxation and offers a plentitude of benefits to the human mind and body. The Sanskrit world β€˜Nidra’ means to sleep, and therefore, it is also known as the yogic sleep, or psychic sleep.


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