10 Essential Meditation Accessories and Supplies Under $50 (To Improve Your Mindfulness Practice)

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Meditation accessories provide an enhanced meditation experience and help in creating a relaxing experience for the meditator. All the accessories and supplies mentioned in this article have been very carefully researched and chosen by us.

Most people find sitting on the ground extremely uncomfortable, and therefore, a is low costing accessory like meditation cushion or a zafu can provide the required support and make meditation a comfortable experience.

There are other items like singing bowls that use sound frequencies to cleanse the aura and ward off negative energies from your home and its surroundings. The incense, smudge stocks, and essential oil diffusers are used for creating a pleasant fragrance.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set is a high quality meditation bowl that is handcrafted in Nepal and helps in healing and mindfulness. It includes a wooden hammer and hand sewn cushion.

Tibetan singing bowls are widely used in meditation and spiritual healing. Sound that emanates from the bowl is extremely pleasant and helps in calming the mind, chakra healing and relaxation.

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Modern Multi-Use Zafu Meditation Cushion

This is a large meditation cushion, also known as the zafu, it is ultra-lightweight and the filling contains foam bidding which prevents the cushion from attracting worms, bugs, insects, and mildew.

It provides great comfort by taking the pressure off your knees and back, and also helps in maintaining the correct posture while meditating.

In addition, it is also machine washable (the outer cover is removable) and contains a zipper pocket to carry small belongings. Being lightweight it is easily portable.

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ArtNaturals Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

The Himalayan rock salt lamp is made out of the purest Himalayan pink salt – contains powerful minerals and is free of toxins. The product is safe to use around kids. It releases the negative ions and creates a positive balance between mind and body.

It has a soothing glow and comes with a dimmer switch to increase or decrease the intensity of glow. It is perfect to be used as a night lamp. It has a very calming feeling; reduces anxiety; and encourages sleep and relaxation.

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Premium California White Sage Smudge Sticks

Smudge sticks are made up of herbs and are helpful in clearing out negative energy, preventing illnesses by cleaning the aura, and protection. These sticks have been in use for thousands of years in all cultures and traditions of the world.

The premium California smudge stick (4 inches long) is made up white sage (also known as the sacred sage), a perineal herb that has been used for centuries by the Native Americans for healing and cleansing. It also has a very calming fragrance.

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Reiki Chakra Healing Crystals with Engraved Symbols (Set of 7 Stones for all Chakras)

This is a set of 7 chakra healing crystals. One crystal for each chakra.

  • Red Jasper (for Root Chakra)
  • Carnelian (for Sacral Chakra)
  • Yellow Jade (for Solar Plexus)
  • Green Aventurine (for Heart Chakra)
  • Lapis Lazuli (for Throat Chakra)
  • Clear Crystal (for Third Eye Chakra)
  • Amethyst (for Crown Chakra)

Each chakra stone serves the purpose of balancing the life-force energy within the spiritual energy points known as the chakra. Positive energy emitted by these stones helps in balancing the chakras to ensure both physical and mental well-being, and it also help us to progress spiritually.

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7 Chakras Alignment Worksheet

Chakra alignment worksheet is an instant digital download (PDF) that helps in aligning the 7 chakras of the spiritual body. It includes a FREE 7 page chakra reference guide that presents: imbalance symptoms, healing affirmations, healing stones & essential oils, yoga postures, and more.

There are a total of 7 worksheets and each worksheet contains a healing meditation / visualization exercise at the bottom. These worksheets will enable you to recognize and heal the most subtle aspects of your inner-self that you were never aware of.

chakra healing worksheet bundle

The 7 chakra alignment worksheet is available only for $9 (USD). Limited time period offer.

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Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser (with 7 Colors LED Lights and Waterless Auto Shut-off)

Aromatherapy uses the fragrance of essential oils to improve mind-body health. It has been widely used across various cultures around the globe for both physical and psychological benefits. It is said to induce relaxation, improve sleep quality, reduce stress and anxiety, improve digestion, boost immunity, and much more.

InnoGear has come up with an excellent diffuser that allows you to create a mix of aromatic essential oils and create an instant fragrance in the room. If you don’t want to use essential oils, you can simply use this product as a simple humidifier. It also has an auto cut-off feature that turns off the diffuser once the water runs out.

This is an excellent product for those who are allergic to room air freshers.

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Meditation Mala Beads Necklace

The meditation (or Japa) mala consists of 108 genuine Tibetan beads and is used for meditation and mantra recitation. The number 108 is considered sacred in traditions like Hinduism and Buddhism.

While practicing Japa meditation a mantra is recited 108 times. We start by holding the guru bead (the big bead at the bottom of the mala) in between the thumb and the index finger, recite the mantra either aloud or silently in mind, and while doing that we constantly move along all of the beads till we reach back to the guru bead – that completes our meditation.

You can practice any mantra (English or Sanskrit) of your choice, or even practice a personal affirmation.

Premium Mala Beads (108) Necklace

Premium mala beads necklace is made up natural gemstones and pure sandalwood. Crystals include Lava Rock, Tiger’s Eye, Rhodonite Howlite Turquoise, Amethyst, Howlite and Obsidian Round Beads, all of which are said to have energy healing properties.

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anzhongli Mala Beads (108) Bracelet

This 108 beads mala helps to achieve a state of calm by raising the positive life-force energy within the body. Each bead is 8mm in diameter and the mala can be worn either as a bracelet or necklace. This item is unisex and can be worn by people of any age group.

It is available in 6 different varieties:

  • Vietnamese Sandal Wood.
  • Black Rosewood
  • Ebony Wood
  • Wenge Wood.
  • Blood Sandalwood, and
  • Tiger Skin Wood

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MEDOOSKY Incense Holder Burner

This incense burner is made up of copper alloy making it more durable than other products. It can hold incense sick, cone, and even a coil. It collects all the burnt ash and is easy to clean. In addition to the above, it is a beautiful piece of art decoration.

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Final Thoughts

In my personal opinion there’s no harm in investing a little on your comfort and well-being. Meditation is a sacred practice and it’s important to create a positive atmosphere around the area where you practice it every day.

Burning smudge sticks, incense, or essential oils, is not just for fragrance. These items have great spiritual significance, and people in various cultures have been using them for thousands of years.

For complete information on Meditation, benefits, breathing exercises, how-to’s, and more, check out – The Ultimate Meditation Guide eBook.

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