Healing the Sacral (Swadhishthana) Chakra Blockage

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Sacral (also known as Swadhishthana or Svadhishthana) chakra is the second chakra, which is said to be the part of the emotional body and is located roughly two inches below the belly button, near the reproductive region of the body. There are many reasons you need to balance your sacral chakra, and we’ll discuss every one of them in this article.

Sometime back, I wrote an article about healing the Root or Muladhara Chakra, which is the very first chakra in the spiritual body. While the root chakra has the element earth and is solid, the sacral chakra has water element. It is liquid and formless.

Water is usually associated with movement, change, fluidity, and adaptability. Some of these characteristics are observed in our emotions as they arise and move in our consciousness.

The sacral chakra is associated with wellness, sensuality, pleasure, abundance, joy, and emotions. A well-balanced sacral chakra ignites the passion within you to fulfill your creative pursuits.

While the root chakra is more associated with survival, the sacral chakra is associated with passion and pleasure.

A person with a well-balanced sacral chakra can handle their emotions well. It’s not that the person becomes detached and numb, instead, they become more accepting of their emotions realizing their transient nature.

They become mindful and don’t allow emotions to manipulate their decision-making process. They don’t easily get carried away by afflicting thoughts and emotions and build strong resilience.

The sacral chakra is connected to the subconscious mind, which is the reservoir of infinite potential. It is no surprise because our subconscious mind is the deep seat of our thoughts and emotions and is also the center of abundance, creativity, wisdom, and higher knowledge.

The sacral energy center is symbolically represented by six petals of orange color and has both divine masculine and feminine energy. The lotus flower image present on this chakra symbolically represents the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

It is important to note that some depictions show sixteen lotus flower petals instead of six.


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What Causes (Symptoms) Sacral Chakra to be Blocked?

A blocked sacral chakra can cause issues related to low self-esteem or self-worth. It’s important to allow optimal energy flow through this chakra for you to take charge of your life. It also dictates how you relate to others, and therefore, it also affects your relationship with other people.

The world that we live in does not encourage freedom of expression. Expressing oneself is seen as a sign of weakness. Rather, people will either directly or indirectly push you to suppress yourself and induce feelings of doubt and insecurities. This starts at an early age when the chakras are being formed.

Suppression of this kind creates a blockage in the sacral chakra, and we experience a wide variety of issues related to physical and mental health. We feel guilty indulging in the pleasures of life, thinking we don’t deserve it.

The shame is planted so deep in our minds that we experience it in every aspect of our life like food, sex, money, work, family, friends, relationships, and more.

We live 24×7 365 days with an inner chatter that keeps repeating the following two negative affirmations:

  • You’re not enough, and
  • You don’t deserve the pleasures of life.

Your sacral chakra can either be underactive (with low energy flow) or overactive (with high energy flow). Both of these cases have negative implications. An optimum flow of energy is required for a well-functioning sacral chakra.

Some of the symptoms of blocked sacral chakra are as follows:

  • You lack creativity – If you are struggling with being creative, a good reason can be that your sacral chakra is underactive. Creativity is required at all levels. It’s a misconception that only artists or celebrities require creativity. We all require creativity in our day to day life. You can be creative in anything and everything you do.
  • Dependency (co-dependency) on other people – You seek dependency on other people for your emotional well-being. You have low self-esteem and low self-worth.
  • Lack of confidence – You lack confidence in things you do. You have fear and doubts at each step, which holds you back from achieving your goals.
  • You live in a fantasy world – You fantasize about success and pleasures because you subconsciously believe that you can’t fulfill your desires in reality. If you often find yourself fantasizing about sexual pleasures, achieving financial independence, having healthy relationships, it’s an indication of blockage (underactive) in the sacral chakra.
  • Your emotions control you – You find your thoughts and emotions very overpowering. You lose control of yourself, and it affects your relationship with others. Excessive emotional attachment (clinging) to other people indicates an overactive sacral chakra.
  • Lack of sexual desire and fear of pleasure – Having a lack of sexual desire, performance anxiety, inability to achieve orgasm, and feeling unworthy of pleasures indicate an underactive sacral chakra.
  • Insecurity and detachment – Underactive sacral chakra creates feelings of insecurity. Your inability to freely express yourself causes you to feel detached and isolated.
  • Anxiety and aggression – Your suppressed emotions create anger and anxiety. Aggression is the way you compensate for those hidden afflicting feelings. An overactive sacral chakra is indicative of anxiety and aggression.
  • Addictive Behavior – you indulge in addictive behavior like playing video games for long hours, excessive smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating, drugs, compulsive shopping, and more.

Some of the physical health symptoms which indicate blocked sacral chakra are as follows:

  • Constipation
  • Lower back pain
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Women experiencing issues during menstrual cycles and other gynecological issues
  • Infection in kidneys
  • Impotence and infertility
  • Prostate and testicular issues in men

These issues can create mental havoc in life and impede growth. Therefore, it’s important to balance the sacral chakra, as it helps in curing all of the ailments mentioned above.

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How Sacral Chakra Affects Creativity

We are all born with creative intelligence, which is one of the best gifts given to us by nature. Although physiologically, we are not much different from a chimp (scientists claim a difference of 1.23%), this creative intelligence sets us apart from other beings on this planet.

If you observe children, you’ll see the curiosity with which they explore things and how they react to sounds and colors around them. They play with toys maintaining sharp focus and curiosity. They are so creative.

But as we grow up, we are subjugated to societal pressures and forced to do things that we dislike. We are given a formal education whose only purpose is to produce fuel for the corporate machinery.

Not to say that education is bad. But the way we have commercialized education has a dreadful impact, the effects of which are realized later in life.

Our exploratory nature is destroyed by inducing fears. We are constantly reminded that we are not good enough to follow our dreams and passions. On the contrary, we are encouraged to stick to the traditional approach and be risk-averse.

Generally speaking, people with blocked root and sacral chakra experience fear and they transfer their fears and insecurities onto others.

This kills our creative thinking. We suppress real emotions and blindly start following the herd mentality. And over time, this creates a blockage in the flow of vital energy – negatively impacting the chakras.

When you work on the first two chakras, your creative intelligence awakens, and you can accomplish amazing things. A balanced sacral chakra can help you become a great artist, musician, chef, poet, dancer, painter, and pretty much anything you want.

Being creative is very important to us. It gives meaning to our lives and makes them joyful. Have you ever wondered why you feel happy when you practice hobbies like singing, dancing, painting, mountain climbing, writing, etc.?

That’s because these creative outlets enable the energy flow within the sacral chakra and remove the blockages.

Citing my example, writing is a creative passion that helps me regulate my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. No matter what, I make it a point to write a few words every day. Through writing, I’m able to pour out my heart to you. It’s catharsis.

How Should We Heal the Sacral Chakra?

Now that it’s clear what role sacral chakra plays in our mental and physical well-being, we must try and clear the blockages in it. Below are some ways you can do that.

Adopting Healthy Lifestyle

Your day-to-day lifestyle plays a major role in healing the sacral chakra and ensuring overall well-being.

  • Workout and keep your body in good shape.
  • Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day by drinking water, fresh fruit juices, and other liquids.
  • Avoid unhealthy junk and sugary foods. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Get proper sleep at night.
  • Monitor your screen time every day.
  • Taking out time to pursue creative activities.
  • Practicing yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises.

Some yoga asanas (especially those that help in opening up the hips) that help are as follows:

Practicing yoga is extremely effective in opening and healing the chakras and ensures overall wellness. Yoga International is offering online courses with a 30-day-free-trail. It has over 500 expert teachers in yoga therapy, anatomy, meditation, and more. Learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.

Affiliate Disclosure: If you click the link above and decide to purchase the course, I get paid a small fee that helps me to create valuable content for you, and it doesn’t cost you any extra amount.

Meditation for Sacral Chakra

Opening up the sacral chakra through meditation involves a visualization technique. It requires you to sit in a comfortable meditation posture, preferably in a cross-legged position (or on a chair, if you have low flexibility in your hips area).

After that, close your eyes, imagine an orange-shaped lotus, and simply breathe into it.

Imagine your breath entering the nostrils, passing through the lungs into your diaphragm, reaching the abdominal area, and finally hitting the location of the sacral chakra (around 2 to 3 inches below the belly button).

As you breathe in and out, imagine this glow of an orange-colored lotus. Imagine it growing in size and spreading energy ripples throughout your whole body, just like when you throw a pebble into stagnant water and the resulting water ripples spread throughout the entire pond.

After completing this exercise, gently open your eyes, get up slowly, and get on with your usual work.

For complete information on Meditation, benefits, breathing exercises, how-to’s, and more, check out – The Ultimate Meditation Guide eBook.

Practice Affirmations

Affirmations go a long way in increasing your self-confidence and self-worth. Just spend five minutes repeating them every day before going to bed at night. The idea is to program your subconscious mind by repeating these affirmations.

Some of the affirmations are as follows:

  • I’m a strong, attractive, and confident person.
  • I deserve love and happiness.
  • I deserve all kinds of pleasures in the world.
  • I’m confident about my sexuality and my sexual preference.
  • I’m a creative human being.
  • I’m comfortable and confident about my body and my looks.
  • I’m not going to hide my true feelings and emotions with people I’m close to.

Practicing affirmations can go a long way in healing your sacral chakra, and you can practice them anytime.

Chakra Alignment/Healing Worksheets

If you’re serious about working on your energy body, I have a fantastic resource that can greatly help in your endeavor of clearing your energy blockages. It includes information sheets, alignment worksheets, and chakra affirmations printables.

You can check out the 7 Chakra Healing Worksheet Bundle (With Free Chakra Information Sheets)

Foods that Helps in Opening Sacral Chakra

Eating a healthy diet is an essential component when it comes to balancing your sacral chakra. Some of the foods that help in balancing the sacral chakra are as follows:

  • Oranges
  • Mangoes
  • Carrots
  • Peaches
  • Apricots
  • Nuts like Almonds and Walnuts
  • Seeds like Pumpkin, Sunflower and Flax
  • Coconut

Additionally, some of the Herbal Teas are also very helpful. Avoid regular tea and coffee as they contain a lot of caffeine and tannin. Sattvic foods are said to be the best for balancing chakra and overall wellness.

BONUS RECIPE #: Personally I like to make a smoothie for myself every now and then. The recipe includes blending a mixture of two pealed Oranges, 200ml Yogurt (curd), 2 slices of Mango, and 1 teaspoon of flax seeds. If you don’t like the taste of yogurt, you can also use almond milk or coconut milk.

Using Essential Oil

Essential oils are very popular and are widely used in spiritual practices like meditation.

If you want to learn more about essential oils you can check out my detailed article on Best Essential Oil that helps in Balancing Your Chakras.

Drinking the Sacral Chakra Tea

Drinking tea can be very refreshing and rejuvenating. I found this Sacral Chakra Tea by Buddha Teas. The best thing about this tea is that it contains zero caffeine, is made from 100% organic herbal ingredients, is free of additives, and is packaged in bleach-free tea bags (i.e. free of chemicals).

If you want more information you can check out the Organic Sacral Chakra Tea by Buddha Teas.

Sacral Chakra Healing Stones and Crystals

Some of the stones and crystals have the power to absorb negative ions from the sacral chakra. If you feel that you are not able to clear blockages by yourself, you can take the help of some of these amazing stones mentioned below:

  • Carnelian
  • Orange aventurine
  • Citrine
  • Amber
  • Snowflake obsidian
  • Tigers Eye
  • Garnet

You can wear them as jewelry (rings, bracelets, etc.) and also keep them near the location of the sacral chakra while meditating (personally I found this to be very effective). You can also carry the stone in your pocket or your purse.

Connect with Water Element

Water forms the core element of the sacral chakra. It is associated with fluidity and flexibility. Water takes the shape of the container you put it in. Therefore, it’s important to establish a good connection with water.

Drinking water, juice, and other liquids (No sodas, please) is a good way to do that. It’s a good habit to keep yourself hydrated at all times throughout the day.

Another way would be to spend time near water bodies like lakes, ponds, rivers, etc. Visit beach areas from time to time. Go to activities like swimming or do water sports.

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Opening your sacral chakra can completely change your life and boost your self-confidence beyond measure. If you are struggling in life and finding it hard to manage your work and relationships, you need to work on clearing blockages in your sacral chakra.

Once you manage to bring optimal energy flow within your sacral chakra, you will undergo tremendous healing and experience unlimited joy.

If you have any queries regarding the chakra balancing, please feel free to leave your comments. I would love to hear from you, and I will try my best to answer all of your questions.

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