ROOT CHAKRA HEALING COURSE (AUDIO – MP3) ~ A Complete Guide To Root Chakra Balancing


Root Chakra Healing Course (Audio MP3)

Rediscover freedom, vitality, security, stability, and abundance by healing your root chakra. Begin your physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing by harnessing the power of root energy.


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Have you ever wondered how your own mind creates hurdles in your quest for success, fulfillment, and happiness?

Do you experience a disconnect with your vital energy and feel stuck in the repeating unproductive and life-damaging behavioral patterns?

Do you think yourself to be unworthy of love, joy, freedom, and abundance?

And that you have a hypersensitive personality that creates problems in work and relationships?

If the answer to any of the above questions is a resounding “Yes,” then it’s likely that your Root Chakra is imbalanced. Root chakra healing is essential because it forms the base or foundation on which the entire mind-body-spirit, which you call the “self”, rests. If the foundation is weak, there’re bound to be problems.

I’ve created the Root Chakra Healing Course for those who’re struggling with their base energy system. Not only that, but it also creates a strong foundation for higher chakra healing and spiritual development. I believe that we’re much more than this mind and body combination we believe ourselves to be. In essence, we are the spirit. Therefore, healing has to take place not just at the physical and emotional level, but also at the spiritual level.

In this course, we shall attempt to understand and directly go to the root cause of our afflictions. What really ails us? Why are we unhappy? Why do we feel unworthy of love? Why do we have so many self-limiting beliefs? And what stops us from creating the life we desire?

I highly recommend that you go through this course IF

  • You feel that your life is meaningless.
  • If you’re stuck in a negative mindset that is preventing you from experience joy and abundance.
  • If you lack to confidence to make decisions yourself
  • If you’re in a financial mess or have fear related to finances
  • If you’re irrational fears stop you from enjoying life
  • If you feel undeserving of love and happiness
  • If you struggle with negative emotions that are damaging your relationship with people

Listen To The Sample Audio

The following is a sample audio clip from the course.

Who Is This Course For?

Root chakra healing course is for those who understand and are willing to spend on healing the wounded aspects of themselves. This is not an instant healing guide. You should be willing to spend time and effort in your healing. It’s for those who are committed and understand that healing is a long journey, a marathon, and not a sprint.

Who Is This Course NOT For?

This course is not for those who are expecting “miracles” right away. My approach to root chakra balancing is pragmatic and not based on religious dogmas or confusing scriptures. It is not for you if you’re entirely material-minded and don’t believe in the spirit or the soul.

This course is not for you if you don’t have the courage to face uncomfortable facts about yourself. This course requires deep introspection and is likely to bring out a lot of uncomfortable stuff – the repressed aspects of your personality as you go deep within.

And lastly, don’t purchase this course if you’re not serious about your root chakra and unwilling to spend time in healing. Don’t treat it as a casual shopping experience. You’re playing with a highly potent energy that has life-changing consequences.

Topics That We Cover In This Course …

  • Introduction: The Complete Overview of Root Chakra & the Energy Body.
  • Root Chakra Imbalance: How Does Your Root Chakra Gets Blocked?
  • Reason for Financial Woes: Why You Struggle Financially?
  • Restlessness & Irritation: Why You Lack Focus?
  • Fear & Insecurity: How your fears make you feel like a failure?
  • Birth Trauma & Childhood Wounds: How You Keep Taking Blame for Things That Were Not Your Fault
  • Grounding Techniques: Three easy but effective techniques to center and ground yourself.
  • Survival & Security: Understanding Your Real Survival Needs & Feel Safe In This World
  • Guided Meditation: 25-Minutes Powerful Guided Meditation Audio for Healing The Root Chakra – Helps In Reducing Fears, Stresses, Worries, and Traumas.
  • Root Chakra Worksheets: This 9-Page document Will Help In Assessing Your Healing Progress & Provide Information on Additional Resources Like Yoga Exercises, Affirmations, Essential Oils, and More.


I really enjoyed listening to this course. It opened so many aspects of myself that I was not even aware of. After taking this course, I feel the activation in my root chakra energy. Shelly (UK)

Amazing wealth of rich learning material, so well presented and beautifully narrated. Emma (US)

I have taken chakra courses earlier but this went beyond my expectations. Energy healing is such a difficult subject but Jagjot makes it so easy to understand. Looking forward to the sacral chakra course now. Amazing. Daniela (US)

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