Reason Why The Law of Attraction is Not Working for You

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The Law of attraction (LOA) is the most misunderstood concept in modern times. It says that our thoughts are forms of “pure energy” with varying frequencies of vibrations.

A high vibrational frequency corresponds to a positive experience, whereas, a low vibrational frequency corresponds to a negative experience.

The idea is that we are all energy beings who attract people and situations where the energy is similar to what we radiate. If we operate with positive energy, we attract positive experiences such as health, wealth, happiness, and more.

And for those of us who operate with negative energy (thinking), we attract negative experiences, such as, financial problems, physical and mental ailments, hate, anger, jealousy, and more.

The idea in theory sounds very simple and straightforward, but practically, most people don’t get it. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about this law, and that’s what we are going to talk about.

Let me tell you this – You can’t let go of the outcome. If you were really that strong, you would be like a Zen monk, and in that case you wouldn’t have the need to manifest anything in the first place. What you so desperately want is nothing but exaggerations created by your own restless mind.

Your mind promises you an illusion of happiness upon a successful manifestation. The problem here is that this is just like gambling. If by any chance some of your manifestations do come true, it will get you hooked to the idea, just like a gambling addict. And when things don’t work in your favor, you’ll end up confused and depressed.

A brilliant statement I heard from the popular American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is that “The universe by no means is obligated for you to make sense of it”. I’ll just add my two cents wisdom to this statement below.

Universe absolutely doesn’t care about what you want but it certainly does care about what you need. If you need pain struggle and suffering in order to wake up, that’s what you’re going to get.

That said, if you ask for love, you will definitely get love, but in order for that to work you must be operating in a particular frequency of vibration. Unless and until you achieve that, the communication channel between you and the universal cosmic energy remains closed.

So how do we raise our vibrations? Just stay with me and we’ll get to that.

It is seen that our worst nightmares often come true. Now why does that happen? It’s not like you manifested those nightmares to come true. What really happens is that your nightmares are symptoms of hidden fears and traumas that are buried deep within your subconscious mind.

These fears cause obstructions within your energy body, and as a result, it lowers your overall vibration. At these lower vibrational states negative tendencies such as hate, anger, irritation, restlessness, jealousy, envy, etc., are more dominant.

As a natural consequence, we have a greater disposition towards these unproductive negative tendencies. The law of attraction is more of a law of vibration where like attracts like.

So if you’re suffering and your condition is bad right now, it’s because at a subconscious level you asked for it, and that’s what the universe is manifesting for you.

At the level of your conscious mind – you might argue that that’s not what you want, but the problem here is that we are 95% our subconscious mind and only 5% conscious mind. It’s that POWERFUL.

Stop manifesting money: start creating value

I see a lot of this BS happening on YouTube. In fact, every second YouTube video I see on law of attraction is about manifesting money. There are experts and gurus that explain how to attract money by the power of thinking.

They give their own examples as to how they were able to attract insane amounts just by using the power of thought. And how they can teach you to do the same.

Please understand that money is a tangible item and a limited physical resource. So by logic if I’m able to accumulate money just through the power of thinking, I would be creating some sort of an imbalance in the economy.

Just imagine this happening on a large scale. Then people would be competing with each other at the level of thoughts. In fact, if it was so easy, there are lots of people who would manifest a loss for me rather than a profit for themselves … LOL.

Now these content creators on YouTube and blogs are talking advantage of your vulnerabilities. Practically 90% of the people who watch ‘make money’ videos are desperately looking for easy ways to earn a quick buck.

By offering a solution that does not require time and effort these people hook you onto their platform. The same information is repeated over and over again in a different manner, and a proof is shown by holding a pile of cash. And that is the psychology they use to exploit.

When you operate from a low level of vibration (i.e. when you’re lazy, anxious, unfocused, greedy, and desperate) you cannot be passionate, focused, and creative. And without these qualities you cannot create anything of value in this world.

Let me explain this with my own real life example. I struggled with issues related to finances for a long period of time. Although, I was very skilled and talented at my craft, I could never translate my efforts into financial success.

I hustled day and night without rest for long periods of time. Networked with influential people. Purchased online courses. Attended seminars. I did every possible thing I could think of. But I could not see the money coming in.

Over time I started getting burned and stressed out. I could not understand why I’m not able to make it work.

And then, one fine day the reality stuck me like a bolt of lightning. The force of truth was so strong that I saw my illusory life cracking up in front of my very own eyes. A profound wave of wisdom overcame and showed me the reality.

The reason I was failing was because ‘I WAS ACTING OUT OF DESPERATION’ all the time. In my impatience and desperation to earn more money, I kept doing things half-heartedly. I was completely selfish in my approach. My focus was purely on ‘what can I get’ rather than ‘what can I give’.

It’s important to understand that money is just a means to an end, but not an end unto itself. Your focus should be on creating value and only that. What reward you get it not in your control and neither should you make an attempt to control that.

When you operate from a higher vibrational state you distance yourself from the outcome of the work you put in. You work purely out of love and joy in your heart. And that’s when your creative potential is at max.

When you create value, you yourself will become valuable. You will automatically attract positive vibrations from all around, and money will be a natural consequence of your efforts. Money is a by-product of the value we create for the world.

For all the lazy folks out there (and I used to be one). Sorry to burst your bubble, but you’ll have to work if you really want to become rich. Just thinking and fantasizing about success is not going to work.

I firmly believe that our thoughts have energy, but thoughts alone cannot give us the momentum to get things rolling. We need to take action, and take it now, in order to achieve the fruits of our efforts.

But here’s the catch …

If you operate out of high vibrations, your work will not seem hard. It won’t be a hustle anymore. You will love to work for long periods of time without get tired or worrying about the results. However, if you work from a low vibrational state, your mind will put roadblocks at each and every step of your progress.

So how do we increase our vibrations?

There are few cliché points that can help you to raise your vibrations and they are all of over the internet, such as:

  • Develop empathy and compassion.
  • Eat healthy and workout.
  • Think positive.
  • Be more mindful.
  • Meditate.
  • And many more.

But that’s not what I’m going to talk about here. I want you dig a little deeper.

A simple answer to the above question would be to ‘understand the nature of your mind and turn inwards’. However, I understand that this requires a little more explanation.

Now here’s the problem. I cannot explain the nature of mind using the modern western psychology. Simply because modern scientific view does not differentiate between the brain and the mind. In fact, they are used synonymously.

So allow me explain this concept using the wisdom of ancient eastern philosophy. According to which, the brain is a part of the physical body, and the mind is a part of the subtle or astral body. Something that envelopes the physical body and the two are tied up very intricately.

What happens within the physical body is a consequence of subtle components generated within the mind known as the thoughts. That’s why our thoughts and intents are believed to be so powerful.

Now mind has the capacity to discriminate and introspect, and that can either be a gift or a curse. If you want to raise your vibrations, you have to come up with a way to quiet the mind. Happiness or blissful nothing more than a steady mind.

It’s our own mind that causes hinderance to the energy flow within the energy body, and that is the reason why we operate in low vibrational state and in turn attract objects (people & situations) of low vibrations.

When you redirect your attention from outwards to inwards, something really amazing happens.

The activity of simply observing the mind (i.e. your thoughts) without any reaction or judgement, calms it down.

Now this is not going to be easy and it’s going to take a long time to master this skill. But in the end, it’s really worth it. Turning inwards is the one and the only one spiritual practice that solely exists.

Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is insideSri Ramana Maharshi

Final Thoughts

The law of attraction works, but only when you truly understand it. Unfortunately, what I see is that it has been reduced to wishful thinking and blind faith. Nothing ever changes without taking action.

So stop begging and bribing the universe for petty things. Turn inwards and work towards self-awareness and self-realization. And everything will fall into place. You will be rewarded for your work – but don’t put a condition on it. That is just childish behavior.

Don’t expect the universe to be the middleman between you and the god. And if things are not working for you right now – don’t lose hope and keep working. Keep creating value for the world and you will flourish. You will be taken care of.

Take care and have a nice day 🙂🙏

reason why law of attraction is not working for you

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