22 Root Chakra Healing Affirmations (Free Wallpaper)

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Practicing root chakra affirmations is an extremely effective way to open and heal the grounding root chakra energy, the first chakra of the spiritual body, associated with survival, safety, security, and vitality, positioned near the base of the spine.

Root chakra can either be deficient or in access to energy. In both these cases, the root chakra is said to be imbalanced. An imbalance of energy, or prana, within this chakra can cause many psychosomatic issues.

The imbalanced root chakra is associated with restlessness, irritability, insecurity, lack of focus, financial problems, dysfunctional relationships, codependency, and much more.

In the context of physical health, the imbalanced root chakra is indicated by pain in the lower back region, constipation, bladder pain, hypertension, and problems in the lower part of the body.

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Balancing the root chakra is important for survival and materialistic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, physical and mental health, and financial stability.

Fear is the main reason why the root chakra gets blocked in the first place. All of our fears experienced from childhood to adult get accumulated in the root chakra and cause blockages.

As children, our root chakra is generally open, which is why children are always happy and joyful. But as we grow into adults, we are negatively conditioned by society and people at large.

Our needs and wants are greatly exaggerated, and we start believing that we need to compete and crush others to move ahead in life. This kind of thinking awakens the animalistic instinct within us, and we start believing in our fears.

How Does Practicing Affirmation Helps in Balancing the Root Chakra?

Affirmations are short positive statements that, when repeated over time, creates positive imprints within our subconscious mind—the very act of repeating affirmations over and over again conditions our mind to overcome fear.

Whenever we are alone, our mind tends to bring up negative thoughts. We don’t realize this, but we keep on repeating negative affirmations unconsciously throughout the day.

Just notice how your mind keeps generating negative thoughts like “I’m not good enough”, “What if I fall sick”, “I’m not worthy of success”, “Nobody likes me”, “I don’t look good”, “I’m not confident”, “I’m not capable”, “I don’t have the courage”, and much more.

When we operate unconsciously in auto-pilot mode, we ingrain our subconscious mind with negative thoughts. That’s the reason why we feel stressed and anxious all the time.

What needs to be here is to change this habit of negative thinking into a positive one. For example, if you are facing a lot of stress at this stage of your life, keep repeating, “I’ll be okay, I’ll be taken care of, I’m relaxed and cool”.

Initially, this might sound ridiculous, and you might not believe in it, but as you keep repeating these positive affirmations, your mind will gradually start believing in them.


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How to Practice Affirmations?

Now I very well understand that most of you people are busy with work and family stuff and rarely get time for yourself.

But it’s important to realize that we have small windows of opportunities during the course of a day when we can practice root chakra affirmations without compromising on work or family time.

You can practice affirmations in small time periods such as:

  • When you are waiting for your turn in the queue.
  • While having a bath.
  • While you are standing near the printer and waiting for the printouts.
  • While you are waiting to enter a meeting.
  • When you are in the washroom.
  • Before going to bed (very effective).
  • While commuting to and from work.

What we generally do is – we start using our smartphone as soon as we get a little time alone. That’s one of the mechanisms you employ to avoid troubling thoughts and anxiety. But this does not rid us of the source of our problems. It’s just a diversion. The problematic thoughts will come back again to haunt us.

If you notice carefully, whenever you get a little bit of time alone, your mind springs up negative thoughts, and you unconsciously get immersed in them and lose yourself in the process. We can very effectively replace such negative thoughts with positive affirmations and make the most of the time we have alone with ourselves.

The best part is that you don’t have to allocate any additional time from your work schedule to practice affirmations. You can simply make use of time spent in mundane activities (where you operate in auto-pilot mode), which do not require high cognitive functions.

The best way to practice root chakra affirmations is to imagine a red-colored object in your mind while you’re repeating the words. Again, you don’t have to close your eyes or speak out the words aloud.

If you have difficulty in imaging a red color object, you can use the root chakra wallpaper shown below in the next section, where I have listed the affirmations.

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I have specially created this wallpaper to help you form an image of the root chakra along with the affirmations.

You can download this image, share it will others, set it up on your laptop, desktop, or smartphone. I have carefully chosen 22 short yet powerful root chakra affirmations. You can refer to the wallpaper image and practice repeating affirmations every day.

Root Chakra Affirmations

Affirmations for healing the root chakra are as follows:

  1. I am safe.
  2. My family is safe and secure.
  3. I am fearless.
  4. I am grounded.
  5. I am abundant.
  6. I am financially secure.
  7. I feel strong connection with mother earth.
  8. I am worthy of love.
  9. I am worthy of success.
  10. I love myself.
  11. I am confident.
  12. I have a healthy body.
  13. I am a positive person.
  14. I ready to accept support from others.
  15. I’m independent and strong
  16. I will make it on my own.
  17. I am worthy of respect.
  18. I release all of my doubts and worries.
  19. I will be supported by the universe.
  20. I love my life.
  21. I will be taken care of.
  22. I’m emotionally strong person.

The best thing about these affirmations is that they are short and easy to remember and repeat.

root chakra affirmations
Root Chakra Affirmations

Chakra Alignment/Healing Worksheets

If you’re serious about working on your energy body, I have a fantastic resource that can greatly help in your endeavor of clearing your energy blockages. It includes information sheets, alignment worksheets, and chakra affirmations printables.

You can check out the 7 Chakra Healing Worksheet Bundle (With Free Chakra Information Sheets)

Final Thoughts

Our subconscious mind is very powerful and is an infinite reservoir of thoughts and memories. By repeating these affirmations, we allow thoughts from our conscious mind to flow into the subconscious mind.

Affirmations can play a major role in balancing the root chakra and help us live the life we truly deserve. We deserve to be loved, to be appreciated for our efforts, to feel secure and safe, and root chakra is the key to it.

If you enjoyed reading the article, please do share it with others. If you want to know more about healing the root (Muladhara) chakra, you can read The Beginners Guide to Healing the Root Chakra.

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