Six Definite Signs You’re Experiencing Kundalini Awakening: Is it Dangerous?

The word ‘Kundalini’ is gaining a lot of buzz in the western world, with more and more people practicing kundalini yoga every day. In the ancient Indian tradition, kundalini is the life-force energy (also known as prana, or chi in Chinese) that flows through the body’s various energy channels, also known as nadis.

These nadis connect to special energy points called the chakras and facilitate kundalini flow across them. Kundalini, nadis, and the chakras are not a part of the physical body, and therefore, there’s no scientific way of measuring kundalini flow within the body.

Yogic science believes that all of these are part of the spiritual body and have a major impact on our minds and bodies.

For most people, Kundalini rests at the base of the spine (coiled up 31/2 half times) near the root (Muladhara) chakra, and it lies there in a dormant state.

When we practice kundalini yoga, we awaken this sacred energy. It starts flowing upwards into the seven chakras through the main Nadi, known as the Sushumna.

According to eastern traditions, kundalini’s awakening is a significant spiritual process that allows the consciousness to expand beyond measures and realize the absolute. It is considered to be a very auspicious event for people who practice spirituality.

However, it is important to note that kundalini awakening can be a mixed bag of pleasurable and daunting experiences. Therefore, it’s advisable to practice kundalini yoga under the supervision of a trained master.

The awakening of kundalini can significantly change an individual’s physical, emotional, and psychic abilities. It can completely change your perspective of the world and people around you and cause major lifestyle changes.

Based on my own experiences and that of others, I have compiled a list of some of the signs you can expect to experience during the awakening of this life-force energy.

Detachment from the External World

When your kundalini energy awakens, you start to feel a sense of detachment from what is happening in the outside world. You won’t care much about what’s happening around the world. You won’t bother much about news, politics, and events.

You will also be detached from your material pursuits, such as earning more money, achieving recognition and fame, buying expensive clothes, roaming around inexpensive cars, going to parties and pubs, and much more.

Achieving worldly desires will not give you the kind of excitement it used to earlier. It will completely change your interests and pursuits in life. It can have such a powerful effect that you will start questioning the purpose of your own existence.

From childhood, we are taught that we need to compete with others to survive and thrive in life. We are told that we need to push our way through the crowd to move ahead.

Over time, such beliefs get permanently ingrained within our subconscious minds. But when your kundalini rises, these beliefs start breaking. We don’t see others as separate from ourselves. Hence, phrases like ‘survival of the fittest’ hold no more relevance.

We are told that we need to be financially well-off to lead a life of contentment. But what exactly does being ‘financially well-off’ actually mean?

For some people, owning luxury houses and shiny expensive cars is basic, while for others, just paying off your student debt or loan is the way to financial freedom. How exactly does one set the bar of survival and sustenance?

Unfortunately, there is no objective answer to such questions. At least, I personally could never find one that satisfied me. If you know the answer, please let me know in the comments.

We don’t have a definite answer to such questions because these questions are a trap created by Maya (the illusion). It keeps us confused and entangled in thoughts. Working within the veil of Maya, we create more questions out of every answer.

It keeps you running your entire life in an endless cycle, and it isn’t easy to get out of it. When kundalini rises in the body, your illusory self starts to disappear, and at the same time, the absolute (or the higher self) starts to reveal itself.

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You Experience an Emotional Upheaval

When the kundalini rises, it hits various energy points in the spiritual body, and as a result, we experience a tremendous emotional roller-coaster. This energy first hits the base of the spine at the root chakra or the Muladhara, which causes the release of trapped fears and emotions associated with it.

Slowly it makes its way up to the solar plexus (Manipura) and the heart (Anahata) chakra. As this happens, we experience a wide range of emotions within us. Some of them are pleasant, while others can be downright terrifying.

At this point, you are confronted with the deepest of your hidden feelings and emotions. You are immediately taken to the past, where you relive all the traumas and abuses you have undergone.

For some people, this can be a terrifying experience. And in some cases, it leads to seeking psychiatric help.

We should never see this as a negative experience because this is more like cleansing your system of unwanted negative energy and healing emotionally.

I will share one of my personal experiences with you. My father died of a heart attack about 5 years ago, and I still remember that whole scene. At that time, it was very traumatic for me, and it was difficult for me to come to terms with it.

I could see his lifeless body in front of me, and those images disturbed me for a very long time. Those images still come up at times, but they don’t haunt me anymore because I’ve had a realization that nothing dies. We move on to other dimensions for higher experiences and learning. But more on that later.

While I was working on raising my kundalini, my first experience was a vision of my father’s death. It was like reliving the entire experience all over again.

Terrified, I used to keep anxiously awake during nights. I used to dread closing my eyes sitting in meditation. My heart used to pound, thinking about experiencing that situation all over again.

But it’s very different now. The very fact that I’m telling you about my father’s death sitting at ease in a café and sipping my cappuccino says it all.

It’s not that I’ve become emotionally numb. I do feel sad at times and miss him. But now I know that death is a transition from gross to a subtle form of existence. It is simply a departure from the physical realm. It is not the end.

Your Social Life is Disrupted

A classic sign of kundalini awakening is that you lose interest in socializing. You’re not interested in chitchats and gossips anymore. You don’t like to dress up for parties and occasions.

Even personal occasions like attending thanksgiving dinners, marriages, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, etc., don’t hold much importance to you anymore. Even when you attend such occasions, you feel disconnected.

You don’t like to talk to people much because you feel that you can’t really share whatever is going on within you. You are not interested in making small conversations or impress people through humor.

Most of the time, you’ll want to be left alone with your thoughts and feelings. Since your consciousness is being elevated to a higher level, you no longer seek quick fixes in the momentary release of dopamine.

In fact, some people will even call you arrogant or a social misfit. It generates a mixed bag of emotions, and it will be hard for you to understand what’s going on. You will feel confused and not be able to justify your reasons for staying aloof.

People close to you will be naturally worried and may even ask you to seek psychiatric treatment. If you feel like talking to someone about your feelings, seeking out psychiatric treatment is not a bad idea. There’s no harm. Talking to someone may make you feel light inside but don’t expect much out of it.

The thing is that people with dormant kundalini will not be able to understand what you’re going through. Under such circumstances, you can reach out to kundalini yoga masters and talk to them about how you feel.

You Start Doing Things You Never Did Earlier

One of the prominent signs of kundalini awakening is that you suddenly start thinking and doing things you never earlier thought you would do, ever.

For example, if you were not an outdoor person, you find yourself unhappy indoors. You sneak out of the house the moment get an opportunity. You even make excuses to go out irrespective of the weather conditions.

Now you like spending time in nature. Small things like the chirping sound of birds, watching the rain, insects crawling in the grass, breathing in the fresh air, walking in the park, etc., fascinate you more than your profit and loss statements.

You don’t crave people’s attention anymore. In fact, you want to get away from them. You can’t stand any form of negativity anymore. You just abruptly cut off people who give you bad vibes, no matter how close they were to you earlier.

You like to pursue new interests and hobbies like singing, painting, dancing, writing, and much more. You don’t do these things to get attention anymore. You do them just because they make you happy. You don’t feel shy or concerned about what others will think of you. YOU DON’T CARE.

When I work out in the evening on my terrace, I start dancing in between breaks listening to my headphones’ music. Now I’m on my terrace in the open, and everybody is watching, but I don’t care.

If you have ever met a Sufi saint or a yogi, you will understand what I’m talking about. They are completely absorbed in what they’re doing that they don’t care what others think about them or what is going on around them. Kundalini’s flow in such people is potent, and they are completely detached from the external world.

This carefree attitude comes about because upon kundalini’s awakening, the illusory personal self disappears, and there’s a sense of unity with the entire existence. There’s no separate “me” or “you.”

You Develop Empathy and Compassion

When your Kundalini awakens, you start feeling what the other person is going through, as if it’s happening to you. Being an empath can be emotionally draining and extremely overwhelming sometimes.

You start feeling sad when you see poverty and injustice. You feel compassion for the underprivileged and differently-abled people. You have the unending urge to reach out to people and offer help. And you do all of it unconditionally. You don’t expect anything in return for your help.

You stop obsessing about making money, going out to dine at expensive places, buying fancy clothes and gadgets. Your mind is preoccupied with thinking about existence, consciousness, and life in general.

Your whole paradigm changes from “what I can get from others” to “what can I give to others.”

You Realize Your Higher Purpose

The awakening of kundalini energy is marked by a profound realization of the higher purpose of life. We spend most of our lives pursuing selfish goals, most of which don’t give us the kind of happiness we desire.

For almost one and a half decades, I struggled to create a profitable business for myself. I tried but kept failing. Eventually, even when I succeeded, it didn’t satisfy me. There was no sense of fulfillment. In fact, I felt empty inside.

Only when my energy system was fully aligned, and when I opened my heart, could I experience the unconditional love I always desired. The irony is that it was always there, but I was blinded by the glitters of the material world and could not see that the true source of unconditional love and compassion was within me.

I realized my higher purpose – to raise human consciousness. Money and fame lost all appeal. It’s not that I have an aversion towards money. It’s just that money is not the primary driving motivator. My intentions of creating value are based on promoting harmony and empathy in the world.

Each one of us has to realize our higher goals in life. That endeavor requires personal growth and spiritual development. Surrendering to the divine will and raising our internal vibrational energy will help us fulfill our destiny on this planet.

Is Kundalini Awakening Really Dangerous?

Kundalini energy lies dormant inside us and keeps us from understanding the true nature of ourselves. All our lives, we act according to beliefs that have been programmed into our subconscious mind.

Kundalini awakening is an event that marks the birth of true intelligence within us and allows us to see the world as it is without being influenced by memories or beliefs. It enables us to understand our real purpose and not just the limited minds we think.

There is no doubt that raising kundalini is an uncomfortable event for most of us. But then that is true for everything. Without discomfort, there is no growth either, worldly or spiritually. I consider awakening kundalini to something like purging ourselves of negativity so that our consciousness can shine in full light.

Let’s take an example of a person suffering from a tumor. The only way for them to get cured is to get operated on and get that tumor out of their body. If they refuse to get medical treatment, fearing that the operation can cause death, they will never be cured.

The same is the case with kundalini. It’s like surgery of the mind. It’s going to be uncomfortable because it’s going to change your whole paradigm. It’s going to shake your concepts and beliefs to the core. So it’s bound to be uncomfortable. But does that mean we should not pursue it altogether?

Don’t practice Kundalini Yoga if you are a beginner or suffering from severe stress and depression. If you have a serious mental health problem, consult a certified mental health professional first.

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You can first start will a simple 10 to 20 minutes breathing meditation and yoga exercises before moving on to kundalini yoga. In fact, it’s advisable to practice kundalini yoga in the presence and guidance of an experienced master.

When the kundalini completes its cycle and balances energy flow across all seven chakras starting from Muladhara (root) chakra and ending at Sahasrara (crown) chakra, we attain enlightenment.

Enlightenment is the realization of absolute love and freedom from karma and the cycle of birth and death.

Why do people believe kundalini is dangerous?

The main problem here is that people are so immersed in samsara (the physical world we live in) that they are unwilling to believe anything other than what is perceived by their senses. For them, the physical is the ultimate reality, and there’s nothing beyond.

It is exactly the reason why so many people fear death.

When the kundalini rises to the third eye chakra’s location in the region between the two eyebrows, the boundaries between physical and non-physical start to blur.

And that scares them. I will admit that it is a scary experience, but the revelations we get after the awakening of kundalini are so eye-opening that it’s impossible to ignore them.

People get scared because they start losing the fake identities they build over many years. The truth is harsh, but at the same time, wonderfully beautiful. Once the overpowering ego dissolves, there is a huge sense of relief. It is the bloated ego that creates pain.

According to ancient eastern texts, the Kundalini awakening is an enlightening experience that takes place after many rebirths. It marks the fulfillment of the highest human goal of self-realization, where the limited individual consciousness merges with the primordial cosmic consciousness.

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That’s it, folks. That’s all I have for you today. If you’ve enjoyed this article, please do share it with others.

If you have any questions or queries about kundalini or meditation, please leave a comment below, and I will try and answer your questions at the earliest.

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This Post Has 26 Comments

  1. Srikanth AK

    Sir I’m interested in this kundalini awakening.. please help me in practising it

    1. Jagjot Singh

      Hi! I will be publishing more information on kundalini yoga. Till then you can check out the ultimate meditation guide.

  2. Sapna Rawat

    kundalini awaken people cant able to live a normal life as job they were doing ,no interest in marriage?

    1. Jagjot Singh

      You can absolutely live a very normal life with your kundalini awakened. In fact, with awakening your life will be much more joyful, because your consciousness will be at a much higher level. Losing interest in samsara (the worldly life) is a temporary phase that passes away eventually. When fully awakened you will learn to operate in samsara without getting too much involved in things. You will not require anything to be happy. You will be happy ‘with just being’.

  3. Zana

    I’ve recently had a spiritual journey and I think also a kundali awakening. Now I’m all of a sudden able to see and feel in the spiritual realm. I hate being around certain family members because they have a lot of negative energy and entities which seems to just attack me every time they come around me. I don’t know or understand what’s happening to me. I am ok until they come around and by just being in their company for a short period of time I have to deal with pain and all kind of negative energy where it literally feels like I am going to have a heart attack or won’t be able to sleep or even relax. Can you please enlighten me on this I’m lost and scared.

    1. Jagjot Singh

      I know the feeling and my heart goes out to you at this time. Feeling restless, irritated around people, and getting a mild depression is very common during kundalini awakening. First of all, let me tell you that you’ve achieved something great, and in eastern cultures is it believed that kundalini awakening is achieved after many births, and it marks the beginning of true self-realization. Your situation will definitely improve. Just keep up with your meditation practice and let the energy flow. You’re going through a cleansing process, so please be patient. Under all circumstances, keep yourself safe and don’t feel shy asking for help.

      1. christopher

        Hi, I have been meditating a long time and can feel an electrical flow throughout my body. I have lately been experiencing extreme trouble swallowing where its getting dangerous. I suspect the reason is the energy.

        Would you please help me and email me? You see to know what you are saying. thanks

        1. Jagjot Singh

          Hi Christopher! The first thing to do here is to check if there is a medical issue. Please get in touch with your doctor to rule out anything serious. Once you do that, please send me a message using the contact form (click the contact link in the footer), and we’ll communicate using email. I can teach you a few exercises that will help with energy release, but I have to be sure that you don’t have a serious medical condition.

  4. Cloe

    Thank you for sharing this post. I went through a massive Kundalini awakening last year and all of these signs held true. I would love to read about how you integrate this inner knowing afterwards. At this point all of my fears and illusions were disrupted but I am learning how to co-create from this space. Namaste!

    1. Jagjot Singh

      You’re most welcome, Cloe!

  5. john paul medhurst

    Hello there
    I am a 49 year old guy from Manchester, UK and have a peculiar trick I thought i would like to investigate. At will, I can do something with my diaphragm/solar plexus area, that floods my body with some kind of energy. In pulses of 1-1.5 seconds, it is entirely pleasurable…head, fingers, toes, chest, everywhere, and though it floors me for a second, it leaves me instantly fluid, focused, relaxed, happy and pain -free. I was concerned initially that I was borrowing against my body’s natural serotonin/dopamine levels, though I have been advised by a neurologist at Manchester University that this is unlikely, as the body would automatically balance these levels and told me it sounded like my Vagus nerve and that cross-wiring probably allowed me to access pleasure sensors. After furrther reading, it appears to be something to do with my fight or flight mechanism, and my sympathetic nervous system releasing neurotransmitters. I won’t pretend I know anything about this. Stage three of this letter came in the form of a bad back. I am a chef and am normally jumping about all day, but wo months of lockdown has wrecked the bottom of my back. I looked into, and started doing some Kundalini Yoga, with exercises for the adrenal gland, chosen at random for the stretching.. I hadn’t yet made the link. I lay down two days ago… and experienced the most violent electric shock in my head… Big flash, loud crack, head shot back… No pain whatsoever. The party trick that I could do with my stomach, I can now direct at will… that intense feeling of ecstasy seems much more accessible and governs my day. And my back feels amazing. I meditate very rarely, but now intend to incorporate it with my yoga sessions.
    Warmest regards John Paul

    1. Jagjot Singh

      Hi John, It’s good to see that you’re working on yourself with so much passion. Very few people have the courage to do that, and I greatly admire you for that. However, I would advice you not to try to visualize either the kundalini or the chakras. These are part of the subtle body, and attempting to make sense of it from a scientific perspective will be futile. The objective is not to have pleasant experiences and sensations, but to experience (for the lack of a better word) the silence. As the presence within you grows, you will experience an everlasting bliss. Something that cannot be described in words. I wish you all the best in your spiritual journey … 🙂🙏

  6. Mukta

    Dear You have nicely explained in very systematic and effective, down-to earth way, classical symptoms of Mother Kundalini awakening. It happens after many many human births and usually it is the last human birth, if you dont play with awakened powers (Siddhis) for selfish purposes. If one does that before actual Enlightenment, then new powerful impressions lead to new births and no freedom from entanglenment from maya. Sri M (still living Yogi) said, that when Shakti reaches Third eye, you cannot fall back into samsara. That is actually not full enlightenment which happens at Sahasrara, but its like getting the entrance ticket and waiting in line in cinema or concert. In third eye you get the ticket for freedom, but still must wait in line. Cosmic intelligence knows when the fruit is ripe, at that moment self efforts in meditation are to be dropped cause at those level human intelligence cannot operate. We leave it to God and relax. He/She knows perfectly to run this existence. But our conditioned mind makes us feel that “we are in control”. Thats just bull of course. You have very beautifully explained how names,forms and spiritual reality are blurred when Kundalini illuminates Ajna chakra.

    1. Jagjot Singh

      Thanks 🙏

  7. MUkta

    one more thing. got some kind of understanding that at least one of effects of maya is force of gravitation. This gravitational force pulls energy down into first chakra or even bellow and makes us engrossed in world of fear, surviaval, reproduction etc very similar to animals just that on that physical level animals are better off cause they do not think, they are just in present moment. Kundalini is similar to rocket fuel. The rocket needs tremendous push to overpower the force of gravitation-mother nature. Mother earth is somehow possessive, just like all mothers isnt it ?
    God must really loves us to give as that rocket fuel . Kundalini. He could just left us ensnared, enslaved to mother maya, but He does not. God si cool, no ? 🙂


    I have been aware of the change in me over the last few years and now things seem to be falling into place. I could not understand what it was that was happening but i became very aware i felt different and thought different.I seem to have another awareness. I am understanding the depression i seem to have had theses last few years that seems to be related to my past. I’ve not been able to function properly in my work or home. I shut off from others even though i am a gregarious Leo. I’ve cared little to go out and socialise. I think i am in the very early stages of changing me as a person. I am fully aware of my own downfalls and abuses. I must now slowly bit by bit address that. I seem to be going through the crying stage especially when i play certain songs that now i understand the meaning of the song much clearer. I am aware more of certain numbers when i see them and so many other bizarre thoughts come to my mind. I am at the start of my journey.

  9. George

    Love it!

    1. Jagjot Singh



    I am a Blur ray empath and a healer.
    I can also sense when some body that has pased over there physical pain that they had before passing over.
    My understanding is when I speak the light language people are sent to me by spirit this chamges there DNA and releases new gifts.

    1. Jagjot Singh

      Thanks for asking, Frank! But I really don’t know about light language. If you’re talking about mediumship or clairvoyance, then the answer would be that kundalini may or may not awaken that channel as it depends on the individual destiny and the divine will. Sorry if this doesn’t answer your question, as my knowledge in this area is limited. However, it’s wonderful to know that you are using your abilities to heal people. I wish you all the best!

  11. Jitender

    Hi! Jagjot i have one question please help me out.
    From my childhood i was inward and at the age of 20 i got panic attacks, something happened to me which created fear in me.I went to doctors they were saying i had depression but from my inner heart i knew that it is not depression, i am mentally fit but something was pulling in me and i created lot of anxiety and fear of that time.And this anxiety and fear continues for 5 years which made my body weak little bit.
    Now few months back i went back to ayurvedic doctors they didn’t have solution too for this.
    Actually i was practicing yoga and kriyas from 5 years.
    Then day before yesterday i was just focusing on my solar plexus and i did some asanas of solar plexus, suddenly i found lot of pain there.Then to release pain i just did uddiyan bandha and suddenly my all body pain went out, a miracle happened.But again one thing bother me and create fear in me, i feel very light like flying in air and when i am with people my mind like had nothing i am not able to focus, i am just like drunk person, i feel coolness and lightness in body.

    1. Jagjot Singh

      Hi Jitender! It’s good to know that you’re working on your solar plexus. I’d suggest you continue with your yoga and kriyas. The solar plexus takes more time to heal than the other lower chakras. Additionally, you can also practice Mula Bandha, which will prevent the energy from moving down. Your symptoms indicate problems in the root chakra as well, so you should also practice grounding techniques. It will be better if you do this under the guidance of a trained Kundalini yoga teacher.

  12. Sarah

    I have been having spontaneous yoga since 14 days. It starts everytime I meditate. Started with head spinning, then moving head to the back, then sticking tung out, elegant dance movement like I am some kind of Godess or dancing in a temple or worshipping something or someone, everyday something was added and today I did a full set of asanas I never did nor even knew existed. I can’t even do them if you asked me because I have no idea what I was doing. And yet I knew during the meditation, this is yoga. I am somehow doing pranayama yoga automatically while meditating. Every touch, position on my body face neck hands, stomach, feet everything goes automatic. And somehow my hands know exactly where to be to press so hard and deep on certain points it makes me breath in ways I have never breathed before. Deep, shallow shallow shallow, deep. And so many different ways. Then my hands to my face, to my eyebrows and then the side of my hands close my nose. I can’t breath. And I let out a deep sigh. Many more movements but I can’t remember. I can’t explain. I am in deep meditation. Really deep while this is happening. As soon as I close my eyes it starts. Today I even starting singing AUM during the meditation. I started meditating 15 months ago. And also little bit of yoga about 9 months ago. Before that never practiced it. The way the pranayama goes is mindblowing. It’s like math. My fingers meet at my navel en then spread and touch another position and by keeping the hands spread they move all along my body to the exact point where it is pressed so deep and hard almost against my spine but the pressing is done on my belly, under my ribs. It’s like math. I am in awe. My hands the pressing it is like a massage. My body and neck never felt this way. I am getting stretched in ways I never knew I could get stretched. It is like I went to the best masseuse ever. It is very relaxed. The meditation these past three days end the same way. Sitting and bringing my hands together to my heart, forehead, above my head, my lips slightly touching them and ends at my heart. Then they are being rested on each knee. Left hand goes left knee etc. I think this is kundalini activation. Is it? But I am not sure. I am not afraid during the meditation. I told God that I trust him completely and I surrendered completely and since then the full set of asanas started. I believe he heard me. Have you ever had this? Oh and also, my hands automatically went were the position of the chakras are. And did certain pressings by hand, massages sometime soft sometimes really hard. What is that? And the funny thing is every move is synchronized. Every move. When I was moved (by myself while being in deep meditation) to my back I was laying not so comfortly on my breast, and then ever so slightly my body moved just a little bit so I was comfortable. Is this me in me? Is this the highest intelligence? Is this God? Is this my higher self? How can I move like this and know this and know where to release and how to breath and sing? I am afraid sometimes. I have moments I feel like I am dying or something is coming. An ending of some sort. I can’t really describe it. I feel something is about to change. I am not afraid to die. I never was and never will be. I know if I die I will be going back to my best friend, that is God. Forever. I am so humbled by this experience and feel an intense happiness I can’t describe. Bursting from the inside. I am still me, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and I am cooking cleaning doing the laundry and taking care of my family. But my heart is full, so full. Is overflowing sometimes. I am overwhelmed sometimes by the things that are happening during my meditation. This sounds strange I know. But I am so happy sometimes I could just die. And nothing and no one contributed to this happiness. I feel it inside of me.

    1. Jagjot Singh

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Sarah! I did experience something similar, but the final understanding or revelation of truth came when all experiences ended. I’m glad that you’re adapting so wonderfully, as most people get terrified. We experience everything in our consciousness, which is the highest intelligence. Also, the real you can never die. What dies is the individual (ego) that thinks himself or herself to be the doer of its actions. The pleasure sensations you are experiencing indicate ascend of energy, and you’ve described it so beautifully. I wish you all the best in your journey.

  13. Roxanne

    I did a kundalini mediation today, I’ve heard so much about it and yes was a little scared I’m a sensitive person who has seen and heard spirit since little girl and worked with then. I had a very strange experience which was cool, I felt tingling at the top of my head and it felt lie my head was being stretched at the top, I then seen a golden elephant which looked like the god Ganesha and I kept hearing the work prosperity.
    Moving on from that, still with my tingling head and over whelming felling of tingling on my body which was cool I could see myself in different lives I was also Indian in one of them and I dressed in amazing clothes. I’m not sure if i have an awakenment but I was defiantly in tune with the spirt word on this journey

    1. Jagjot Singh

      Thanks for sharing such a beautiful experience, Roxanne! That tingling sensation on the top of your head is the pointer that will lead you to a whole new dimension – a changeless background against which all experiences happen. But please, tread this path carefully and under the guidance of a realized master. Lots of light and love to you.

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